Quote1.png No game... Just an offer... ...from Weapon X. Quote2.png
-- Director

Appearing in "Defection: Prologue"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Unnamed officers
  • Mike, bartender
  • Becky




Synopsis for "Defection: Prologue"

Chamber is upset over Husk and Archangel together and goes to a bar. Not being able to drink, he just sits there, and the barkeeper gets angry. Some pity him, but he shows them his power and they run. Soon the X-Men arrive and try to calm him, but to no avail when he sees Husk still with Archangel. In the end, Wolverine knocks him out and hands him over to the authorities. Later in prison, in a power negating helmet, he is visited by Director Jackson, who offers him the option of joining Weapon X.


Chamber is offered a position with Weapon X

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