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Quote1.png Weapon X Programs all around the world. Franchises, if you will. And surely, some will be like England or Israel ... friendly to the American cause, But others will be... Quote2.png
Omega Red

Appearing in "The Hunt for Sabretooth: Part 3"

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  • A car (First and only known appearance) (Cameo)

Synopsis for "The Hunt for Sabretooth: Part 3"

Agent Zero hunts down Sabretooth and finds Omega Red, who has information of his whereabouts. Sabretooth has apparently been selling all of his information of Weapon X, so other countries can create similar facilities. When Agent Zero tricks Sabretooth, he defeats him and is going to kill him, when his implants from Weapon X kick in stopping him. Sabretooth is brought back handcuffed, and an overjoyed Director tells him welcome back. Meanwhile, Aurora's face is horribly scarred, and The Director wants to help, and Wild Child doesn't like that.

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