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Weasel Wills was an otherwise smalltime criminal, who thought he could make it big by being the first person to break into Stark Industries. Little did he realize that he would find Tony Stark's attaché case containing Iron Man's armor. Wills donned the armor and walked off the premises posing as the real Iron Man.[1]

Weasel Wills as Iron Man

Over the next few days, Wills learned how to use the the armor, then began a crime spree. When Tony Stark learned of Wills activities as Iron Man, he donned the older Model 1 armor and contacted Wills on Iron Man's special radio frequency, telling him to meet him at the Stark Industries Flushing factory, or he would hunt him forever. Wills showed up, and the two Iron Men fought. While the older armor was apparently stronger and more rigid, the newer armor was faster and equipped with more advanced weaponry. Stark managed to hold Wills off, goading him into squandering the armor's energy, while he secretly disabled the factory's power supply. Eventually, Wills armor became slower and slower as its energy began to run out. Stark then grabbed Wills and disabled the armor's main power supply, trapping him within the immobilized armor. Wills was subsequently arrested and exposed as the thief, his knowledge of Stark's identity irrelevant as he suffered a mental breakdown during his use of the armour to the extent that he convinced himself that he was Iron Man.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Weasel Wills has no powers of his own but they are derived from the Iron Man Armor.


Wills is a reasonably skilled thief, being able to sneak past Stark Industries security and gain access to Tony Stark's office.

Physical Strength

Weasel Wills possesses the normal human strength for a man his age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.



Iron Man Armor Model 2.


Internal weapons of the Iron Man armor.


Conventional automobiles.


  • Wills became so engrossed with the idea of being Iron Man, that he believed himself to be the real Iron Man. He told the police that the armor was his and that he had designed it (He actually believed this!).

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