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When Spider-Man entered a room through a window, he found a mirror and started looking at his reflection, not knowing that it was actually a one-way mirror and in the other side was Doctor Doom. Doom took this chance and used his Twin Machine to create a copy of Spider-Man, but with the opposite traits. Doom ordered Web-Man to go and capture Spider-Man. Spider-Man confronted Web-Man, but had the upper hand as since Web-Man was the opposite of Spider-Man, who is a genius, Web-Man was quite stupid. He returned to Doctor Doom empty-handed, but then Doom decided to create another duplicate of Spider-Man. However, Spider-Man arrived and destroyed the Twin Machine and arrested Doctor Doom, leaving the outcome of the duplicates unknown.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Spider-Man (Earth-616)


  • Stupidity: since Web-Man had the opposite traits of Spider-Man, Web-Man was quite dumb, in contrast to Spider-Man who is a genius.


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