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When Fisk Labs broke through the Multiverse barrier, countless Spider-People came pouring through to what was once Manhattan Island. Some of them are barely indistinguishable from one another, others are from worlds undreamt of by any rational human. With the guidance of Madame Web, they infiltrate the other Houses of Battleworld and look for intel and assistance to reverse their dire circumstances. Most have found a focused specialty, with Spider-Scientists, Spider-Spies, Spider-Chefs, Spider-Engineers and every other sort of Spider you could imagine.[1]

The Spider-Scientists continued opening doorway after doorway into other worlds, hoping to find answers to their odd circumstances. However one doorway proved to be disastrous. Connecting this already shattered world to an alternate Manhattan which had become overrun by monstrous Symbiotes. The population of Spider-Island was either driven away or forcibly bonded with the aliens, until the disgraced scientist who opened the doomed doorway led an army of Web-Warriors to get rid of the Symbiotes. They succeeded, but only after suffering heavy losses.[1]

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