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Web Spinners
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Approximately 6 members
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The Web Spinners are a group of roughly half a dozen of novice powerless vigilantes inspired by Spider-Man who patrolled the streets of Las Vegas searching for crime.

Based on Friendly Neighborhood's assertion that casino owner Cassandra Mercury was a criminal, three Web Spinners, Friendly Neighborhood included, arrived to her casino and demanded to see her. They were confronted by Mercury's super-powered manager, Slate. When the Web Spinners refused to yield, Slate snapped Friendly Neighborhood's neck.

The other two Web Spinners were rescued by Scarlet Spider, who gave them enough time to escape. Scarlet Spider later caught up with them to try to get them to stop their enterprise. Before the Scarlet Spider left, the Web Spinner dressed in a replica of his original costume criticized his current attire, for which Ben forced him to give him his suit.[1]


  • The Web Spinners wear replicas of costumes used by Spider-Man and his allies. They are also outfitted with their own Web-Shooters, albeit ones that can only shoot silly string.[1]

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