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Synopsis for "Electroverse - Part II: Charge"

While Gwen is his prisoner Electro tells her his story: one day he saw Morlun kill the Spider-Man of his world and disappear into a dimensional portal. Max sensed the existence of the multiverse and used his powers to reproduce the electromagnetic frequency of the signal, then had it analyzed by Doctor Octopus who built a device for interdimensional travel. Electro killed Doc Ock and stole the contraption and began exploring the multiverse. Eventually he arrived in a world where his counterpart was wealthy, and the two together created an army of Electro, forcing numerous Doctor Octopus to assist them.

Despite this, Max hasn't gotten a major role in the army so Gwen convinces him to betray their leader, and bring her to him in the world that they can fight him. Meanwhile Mayday has gathered the team and after a confrontation between the Web Warriors and some Electro, the group decides to find a way to track down the lair of their enemies. Gwen betrays Electro, only to discover that the leader of the Electroverse is a monster made of electricity.

The leader of the Electroverse.

Solicit Synopsis

• SPIDER-GWEN STRANDED! Without her interdimensional timepiece to get her home, Gwen Stacy (AKA Spider-Woman) has no choice but to sit tight and wait to be rescued by the rest of the Web Warriors.

• Everyone’s favorite hoodie-wearing hero isn’t exactly a damsel in distress, though, is she?

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