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Quote1.png I was the Spider-Man of my own world for a time before I came here to stay with May. I may not be able to tango with you kids...but I'm guessing you could use some help. Quote2.png
Ben Parker

Appearing in "Electroverse - Part III: Capacity"

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Synopsis for "Electroverse - Part III: Capacity"

The Electroverse, reaches the base of the Web-Warriors where there are only Anya and Karn. The rest of the team joins them and a fight starts. Meanwhile Mike explains to Gwen that in one universe he found the Kree technology and used it to absorb the minds of the other Electro in order to obtain this new form. Gwen tries to fight, but is defeated and her interdimensional travel bracelet damaged.

Spider-Gwen escapes thanks to the Electro who brought her there, reminding him that he has betrayed the Electroverse. Meanwhile, the Web Warriors are about to get the worst of their numbers, so Karn teleports them to Earth-803, a world where there is no electricity and where they are greeted by Lady Spider.

Gwen instead took refuge on Earth-928 asks for the help of Ben Parker.

Solicit Synopsis

• Electro’s amassed an army of alternate-reality evildoers!

• Fortunately, there’s a team of heroes from across the SPIDER-VERSE who are ready to stop ‘em!

• Featuring an ending that’s sure to SHOCK you!

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