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Quote1.png Attention bounders, blighters and base blinky lights on Christmas trees all across the Web. You have lost. Your central intelligence network has been scuttled. You are navigating the Web -- our Web -- by blind feel and fuzzy memory. It will take you months to rebuild that base, whereas we have the Master Weaver, who holds the Web in his mind and feels it in his very bones. From our stronghold on Earth-803 we can strike wherever we want whenever we want. We will whittle away at your ranks before you can even reorganize. You have no presence here. You have no power here. This worlds lacks the basic infrastructure you need to exploit your abilities. Your attacks would be impotent. Surrender now. Retreat to some backwater world like the one to which we banished the Inheritors, or we'll send you to one that's worse. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Electroverse - Part IV: Resistance"

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Synopsis for "Electroverse - Part IV: Resistance"

Reaching Lady Spider's house after the latter informs them of her encounter with the Black Cat during the theft of silver, the Web Warriors decide to capture and question the thief. At the same time Gwen and Ben free the Doctors Octopi ... who being criminals attack them. The two are rescued by Octavia Otto a good version of Doc Ock. The Web-Warriors easily capture the Black Cat, but she knows nothing of the Electroverse and has been convinced to help them in exchange for a strange shiny pendant that the heroes seize. Pavitr creates an international communicator and thanks to the tiny Electro trapped in Felicia's pendant the Web Warriors manage to power the machine and Spider-Uk decides to lure the electroverse to Earth-803 with a trap.

Solicit Synopsis

• The WEB-WARRIORS have to call in backup after the Electros launch an all-out siege on Earth-001!

• Featuring two titanic guest stars straight out of SPIDER-VERSE!


  • Despite being deeply in love with the Felicia Hardy of his world, Spider-Man Noir had no problem attacking and threatening Earth-803's Felicia with a gun and even offered to beat her to extract information.
    • Ironically the Felicia Hardy of his world was tortured but gave no information about him.

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