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Quote1.png Yes, I do not doubt all your talents will be needed. Billy has assembled a true team here, and if he and May are out there, you will find them. Quote2.png
Master Weaver

Appearing in "Electroverse - Part V: Insulation"

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Synopsis for "Electroverse - Part V: Insulation"

May is not happy with Billy's plan to lure the Electroverse into her world, but eventually he convinces her by telling her that they will trap enemies in a Faraday cage that they can't get out of due to the lack of electricity on Earth-803. Gwen, Ben and Octavia try to defeat the Electroverse leader, but fail and join the rest of the team on Earth-803. The plan succeeds, but apparently Billy and Mayday are trapped in the cage. Eventually the group returns to Earth-001 and Karn says that Billy and Mayday may have escaped at the last second, but they could be anywhere in the multiverse.

Solicit Synopsis

• The epic conclusion of ELECTROVERSE arrives, and every Spider might not survive!

• The Electros have already invaded Earth-001, how could things get any worse?

• STEAMPUNK LADY SPIDER AND SPIDER-BEN guest star in an all-out brawl between the Web-Warriors and the Electros!


  • The editorial note states that the name of the rebooted mainstream Marvel Universe is Prime Earth, rather than Earth-616.

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