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Quote1.png Cartoon villains from Ham's future. Gigantic robots now. Different worlds in the Web are becoming entangled. Quote2.png
Spider-Man (Pavitr Prabhakar)

Appearing in "Tangled States - Part Two: Technocracy"

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Synopsis for "Tangled States - Part Two: Technocracy"

The clash between Earth-50810 Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus continues and the Web Warriors try to intervene in favor of the former. Billy and Mayday are stranded on Earth-803 and while the former tries to contact the rest of the team, the latter looks for a way to feed the captive Electro. Meanwhile Octavia discovers that some threads of the web of life and destiny have become entangled with each other, and she pulls them to divide them: in doing so she sends Peter, Pavitr and Ham to Earth-90214, Gwen, Dock Ock and Piguel to Earth-8311, and release Electro on Earth-803.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Web of Life and Destiny is damaged, and even worse – it’s getting TANGLED!

• How are the Web Warriors supposed to repair REALITY ITSELF?!

• Join us for this insane web-hopping romp that features A GIANT SPIDER-MAN ROBOT FROM THE FURTHEST CORNER OF THE MULTIVERSE AS A GUEST STAR!


When May says she saw technology similar to Peter's Megamorph, albeit less advanced, she is referring to Leopardon she saw during Spider-Verse.

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