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The Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Appearing in "Tangled States - Part Three: Brave New World"

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Synopsis for "Tangled States - Part Three: Brave New World"

On Earth-803 Spider-Woman tries to take on the Electroverse, while on Earth-8311 the Sca-Vengers defeat Dock Ock. On Earth-90214 Peter reveals to Pavitr that parts of other realities have appeared in his, including an Oscorp building. When Pavitr points out to Peter that he should have informed them, he replies, that he doesn't trust the team and that he has no reason to. Lady Spider plans to use Peter's Megamorph to contact the other Web-Warriors. Luckily for May, the long fast has weakened the Electro who can barely stand up and she beats them without difficulty. Pavitr and Peter are greeted by Harry Osborn who qualifies as the Spider-Man of his world who says that with their help he will be able to resolve the situation. With Billy and May located, Octavia gathers an army to come to their rescue.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Web of Life and Destiny is damaged, and even worse – it’s getting TANGLED!

• How are the Web-Warriors supposed to repair REALITY ITSELF?!

• Join us for this insane web-hopping romp that features A GIANT SPIDER-MAN ROBOT FROM THE FARTHEST CORNER OF THE MULTIVERSE as a guest star!

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