Quote1 This is the Web of Reality. Every reality. Every possible future. I see them all, judging which is most likely to come to pass. Quote2
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The Web of Life and Destiny is a three-dimensional construct in five-dimensional space which acts as a model of the entire Multiverse and enables travel between realities.[2] Its nexus lies in Earth-001, where it is maintained by the Master Weaver and totemic spider deities. Madame Web and the various incarnations of Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, and others across the Multiverse ultimately derive their spider-powers from the Web of Life and are considered totemic entities.

According to Ezekiel Sims and the Ashanti tribe of Earth-616, the Great Web was first created by Kwaku Anansi,[3] and is spun by a totemic spider deity called the Great Weaver,[4] though several totemic spider deities exist and are responsible for maintaining different aspects of the Web.[1]

Adriana Soria was able to produce a mutagenic enzyme that connected those infected to the Web of Life - and amplified the connections of those already linked to the Web - while simultaneously amplifying her own connection.[5] Using a tissue sample of Peter Parker when he was mutated by this enzyme, Miles Warren engineered a "Spider-Virus" that was administered to the majority of Manhattan Island and transformed them into spider-monsters, empowering the Queen to the point where she hijacked the Web of Life and underwent a metamorphosis into a monstrous spider-like creature.[6][7]

The Web of Life was used by the Inheritors to hunt down the Spider-People from different universes and feed on their life force energies.[8] After the defeat of the Inheritors at the hands of the Spider-Army, the Web-Warriors used a Dimensional Travel Watch to traverse the Multiverse utilizing the Web and assist any reality in need, specially those whose Spider-People had been killed by the Inheritors.[9] The Web was briefly hijacked by an army of Electros, and it was discovered that feedback from the portal devices the Web-Warriors were using was damaging the Web, causing dimensions to bleed into each other — though in both cases the issue was resolved, and the Web was restored.[10]

The Web of Life and Destiny was seemingly destroyed when the Spider-Man of Earth-44145 blew up the room in which it was contained - though unlike what Karn had predicted when Otto attacked it or had occurred during the fight against the Electro-Verse, this did not cause the total destruction of the Multiverse.[11] Anna-May Parker from Earth-18119 - the avatar of the Spider-Totem known as the Patternmaker - remarked that the Web of Life and Destiny would eventually be restored.[12]


Web of Life and Destiny from Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse

As seen in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

  • The Web of Life is the source of Madame Web's precognition, as well as the precognitive "Spider-Sense" ability exhibited by various totemic avatars.[9]

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