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A series of profiles on various aspects of Spider-Man's life including profiles on Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson, their apartment, the Daily Bugle building, Empire State University, Betty Brant, the Stacy family, the Jameson family, the Robertsons, Aunt May and Uncle Ben, Aunt May's Boarders, the Osborns, Flash Thompson, Silver Sable, Glory Grant, Spider-Woman, Kate Cushing, Joy Mercado, Sha Shan, the Hobgoblin, Kingpin, the Rose.

It also includes a gallery of "forgotten" Spider-Man foes such as: Basilisk, Big Wheel, the Black Cat, Cyclone, the Dark Rider, Drom the Backward Man, the Grizzly, the Human Fly, Jeremiah, Jigsaw, Man-Killer, the Men-Fish, Midas the Golden Man, Mindworm, Mirage, Monsteroid, Moondark, Moondog, Rocket Racer, the White Dragon, Will O' the Wisp, Stegron the Dinosaur Man, and the Wraith.


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