The Weed was once just an ordinary flower in the garden of retired millionaire Lucius Farnsworth. An accident at a nearby atomics laboratory caused the release of radioactive dust into the air. The dust eventually settled in the corner of Farnsworth's garden where it killed all the flowers except for one, which mutated and gained the ability speak and control minds.

Farnsworth discovered the Weed while taking a stroll though his garden. Repulsed by its sight he grabbed a pair of shears, intending to get rid of it but the Weed used his powers to stop Farnsworth in his tracks. The Weed told Farnsworth of his plans for world domination and that he needed to rest to allow his powers to increase. The Weed also make Farnsworth fall asleep.

Farnsworth awoke some time later only to find the Weed had been cut down by his gardener, George, who he earlier berated for not starting his own landscaping business. Farnsworth wonders that had George left to start his own business if the Weed would have succeeded in his plan.[1]


  • Telepathy: The Weed could communicate with others via thought.
    • Mind Control: The Weed could also override the thought impulses of others and bend people to his will.[1]

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