Quote1 Its called Weirdworld for a reason. This land is always changing. Shifting. Growing, even. It is a place that can never be fully known, no matter how long one walks it. Quote2
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Arkon's Map of Weirdworld from Weirdworld Vol 1 1

Arkon's Map of Weirdworld.

Weirdworld is a domain on Battleworld that contains sorcery and strange perverted science. Its baroness is the Witch Queen le Fay.[2]

After many failed attempts to find his kingdom, Arkon had finally gotten to the end of the Weirdworld and discovered it was a floating island. Arkon lost hope of fiding Polemachus again and was ready to step off the cliff to meet his fate below when an uncontrolled dragon came out of nowhere before him. Seeing this as his opportunity to finally find his kingdom, Arkon stole the beast from the Ogres that were trying to control it and rode it through Weirdworld's sky only to be caught by Apes, who used a strange fish and line to angle the dragon out of the sky to the bottom of the sea. In the meanwhile, Morgan le Fay prepared her Magma Men to find and attack Polemachus in retaliation for her dragon being stolen.[3]

Arkon was stripped from his belongings and taken to Apelantis' prison to be sold as a slave later. There he met Warbow and together they broke free from the Apes' prison and recovered their weapons. Fighting his way to the surface, Arkon lost his map of Weirdworld in the sea and wanted to go back to recover it, but Warbow promised to give him his own map in exchange for Arkon's aid in rescuing his liege, the Crown Prince of Crystallium Crystar, and he accepted. While le Fay left her castle riding her dragon, who was sent back to her by the lords of Apelantis, Arkon and Warbow invaded it and made their way to the treasure vault, where they found Crystar's remnants inside a bag. They were then surrounded by the Magma Men,[4] but were able to fight their way out the castle alive.

Warbow's Map of Weirdworld from Weirdworld Vol 1 3

Warbow's Map of Weirdworld.

After reaching a safe place, Warbow gave Arkon his map, as he had promised. But to Arkon's surprise, it had many places he hadn't ever seen in his journey through Weirdworld. Enraged, Arkon left Warbow behind and continued his quest for Polemachus. Lost, Arkon ended up in the "Swayin' Saloon" where Skull the Slayer was waiting for him. While drinking, the Slayer revealed to Arkon that he was sent by le Fay to kill him and both started to fight. In a failed attempt of killing himself as well as his enemy, Arkon cut the ropes that kept the saloon suspended and they fell into the swamp below. When Arkon regained consciousness after the fall, he found himself trapped in vines and surrounded by the Man-Things.[5]

Arkon began to hallucinate about seeing Polemachus upside down when Skull freed him from the vines by attacking him fiercely. Arkon managed to get one of his Battle-Bolts and overcame his enemy, but before he could kill him, he was immobilized by the burning touch of one of the Man-Things. This time, Arkon hallucinated about his worst fear, Polemachus burning in front of his eyes. The hallucination ended with the arrival of the Queen of the Man-Things, the woman behind the rebellion against Morgan le Fay. After a brief conversation with the two warriors, the Swamp Queen forced them to face their fears in order to survive it and become her allies against le Fay, however, only Skull accepted to become her ally. Arkon fled from the Forest of Man-Things, having remembered the path which led to Polemachus, but upon reaching the rock that was supposed to be the entrance to his kingdom, Arkon found himself yet again in front of a cliff at the end of Weirdworld. Filled with sadness and rage, Arkon pointed one of his Battle-Bolts towards his own belly ready to kill himself, unknowing that Polemachus was in fact in Weirdworld, suspended upside down underneath the floating island.[6]

Points of Interest

  • Apelantis
  • Caves of the Devil Dino
  • Crypt of Man Maggots
  • Crystal Labyrinth
  • Forest of the Man-Things
  • Motherboard Mountains
  • Pink River of Death
  • Polemachus

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