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Quote1.png This is why I have to find my way home. Quickly. This is what happens when you're lost in Weirdworld for far too long. You go completely insane. And then you die. Quote2.png
Arkon the Magnificent

Appearing in "Escape From Apelantis"

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  • Arkon's Sword
  • Battle-Bolts
  • Warbow's Crossbow
  • Arkon's Map of Weirdworld
  • Warbow's Map of Weirdworld (Mentioned)

Synopsis for "Escape From Apelantis"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

• Weirdworld is where the lost things go. Like the barbarian lord Arkon, who’s now prisoner of the underwater apes.

• Or like his cellmate, a mysterious one-eyed man who appears to be made out of rock and calls himself a Crystal Warrior…

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