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The Well at the Center of Time was a natural formation located inside of a crater on an unnamed alien world. Several years ago, the X-Man known as Nightcrawler found himself trapped in this faraway dimension with a villain known as the Vanisher. Unable to divine a way back to his home dimension, he consulted an electronic oracle known only as Sehv. Sehv gave Nightcrawler directions to the Well and warned him that he should leave this dimension carrying only what he arrived in – no more, no less. Nightcrawler fought with the Vanisher a second time, and succeeded in defeating him. The two jumped into the crater, and the swirling cosmic energies instantly transported them back to Earth.[1]

Sometime later, Nightcrawler recounted his adventure to his teammate, Kitty Pryde. Kitty, excited by the story, attempted to create a simulacrum of the Well inside the X-Men's Danger Room (based on Kurt's description). Instead of crafting a simulated hologram of the Well however, Kitty inadvertently opened a doorway into the Well itself. Her pet dragon, Lockheed, flew towards it to investigate, when an alien green tentacle reached out from beyond and dragged him inside of the vortex. Nightcrawler dived in after to save Lockheed and found himself instantly transported to a bizarre, alien world. Even with his mutant teleportation powers at his disposal, he could not return to Earth. Kitty and her teammate, Illyana Rasputin, struggled to find a way to bring Nightcrawler back, but were unable to manipulate the Well's mysterious properties.

Nightcrawler meanwhile shared in several adventures on various worlds. At the close of each encounter, he found himself drawn back into a spiraling vortex, only to be literally spat out into a new foreign land. After a great deal of trial and error, Nightcrawler finally succeeded in navigating through the Well and returning home. [2]


  • The Well at the Center of Time houses a contained aperture in the space/time continuum. All within close proximity of the Well are drawn towards it by immense gravitational forces and pulled into a tunnel of swirling electromagnetic energy. The Well can randomly expel foreign materials into any one of an infinite number of dimensions and alien worlds and navigation of the Well's currents are practically impossible to measure. The Well exists in all known dimensions, albeit at different locations. The only individual who seems to maintain any comprehensive knowledge of the Well's mechanics is the oracle, Sehv.


  • The Well at the Center of Time, while similar in purpose and function, is not to be confused with the Nexus of All Realities.

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