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The Well of Mimir is located at the root of Yggdrasill. It is home to Mimir once one of the wisest of the Asgardians. He was transformed by Odin into a fiery disembodied head. He gained Omniscience due to the waters that flow from Yggdrasill.[citation needed]

It is said that Odin, sacrificed his right eye to Mimir for the opportunity to drink from the well to gain wisdom about the event of Ragnarök.[citation needed]

The Norns led Brunnhilde to the Well of Mimir. Skuld summoned visions of the future, which appeared in the waters of the Well.[1]

Alternate reality versions

Midgardia (Earth-TRN885)

Well of Mimir from Marvel Future Revolution.png

After Asgard was destroyed during Ragnarok, the surviving Asgardians settled on Earth which them renamed Midgardia, taking Well of Mimir with them. During an invasion by Ulik's Trolls, Thor and Volstagg visited Well of Mimir seeking the Seed of the World Tree Yggdrasill.[3]

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