Welyn was captured in Yezud along with Andamo and Moru, but they were eventually freed by Daedikaron, Tros, Ixastophanis and Shimata-Kawa.[1] After killing a horde of Demons sent by Tolometh, Welyn received a vision to search the amulet.[2] While in Potrebia, after having killed Lexos' mate, Welyn sought refuge into the temple of Tolometh, where she bargained with the Patriarch of Tolometh for a shard of the god's ancient amulet. Having deceived him, she was cursed with the torment of three Demon Servitors, as a constant reminder of her treachery, and had to wear ragged robes to keep her demonic secret safe.[3] She was later saved by Conan from the Skull-Boners. After knowing the nature of her curse, the Cimmerian agreed to help her and recovered the vesicle from the shrine, which contained the liquid needed to cure Welyn's plague;[4] She eventually reunited with Conan, Shimata-Kawa, Daedikaron and Tros in the Desert of Yondo.[5] In the Desert of Yondo, with Conan and the other seekers, she entered the Citadel of Sin.[3] She used Moru's ebon dagger to stab the Patriarch, but his skin shattered the knife and she was strangled by Little Shadow. Under the Patriarch's spell, she would turn to stone at any human touch, so she asked Conan to do it, not to feel pain, only to be shattered to death, a second after, by the Patriarch's wizard-cursed sword.[6]


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