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The past history of Quasar on Earth-10011 presumably mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart until the corruption of her reality by the Many-Angled Ones.

This Wendell Vaughan originated from a universe where "life has won", where unspeakable evils had consumed everything it could touch. When a mysterious time-space tear called the Fault was opened, Quasar went to find out where it led. He ended up Earth-616, in Project Pegasus, where he passed himself off as this Earth's Quasar. He secretly spread parasites to the personnel, which took control of them, while building a device he called the Horrorscope, to find an unknown something for his "Undying Lord". When Nova and Darkhawk returned to Earth, they uncovered Dark Quasar's plot. The former then chased after Dark Quasar, who was heading to tell his master what he had discovered.[2][3]

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Seemingly the powers of Quasar of Earth-616.


Quasar considered himself an adept, to which the Horrorscope did not lie.[4]



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