S.H.I.E.L.D agent Wendell Vaughn was the head of security for the top secret facility, Project Pegasus in Devil's Point, Wyoming. He was defending Project Pegasus when it was attacked by the Serpent Squad, who were then subdued by the Fantastic Four.

Vaughn later contacted Carol Danvers about the activation of the Watcher.[1] Vaughn, Danvers and the Fantastic Four who were also called in, learned from Watcher and his brethren's warnings of a great catastrophe that awaits for Earth.[2]

Six months after Ultimatum, Wendell was still the overseer of Project Pegasus and arrested the Serpent Squad, who again attempted to steal the Serpent Crown and defeated by Spider-Man, Human Torch, Iceman, and Rick Jones. Wendell learned directly from the heroes that Rick Jones was the Watchers' chosen herald to avert the foretold catastrophe.[3]

Wendell was later had Project Pegasus on alert in response to the attacks on Roxxon Industries and the Baxter Building, in which he was reinforced by Captain Mahr Vehl.[4] Thereafter, Vaughn witnessed Rick Jones' return and his conversation with Mahr Vehl, whom then was infected with a virus which caused him to go berserk and attacked Vaughn and his men.[5] Vaughn appeared to became the only survivor and witnessed the perpetrator Reed Richards stealing all of Project Pegasus's artifacts and possessions. He was reunited with the former Fantastic Four, Rick Jones, a rehabilitated Mahr Vehl, Danvers and Nick Fury. When hearing that they need a laboratory to find and locate Reed, Vaughn informed them that they can use Pegasus's laboratory - something which he revealed to the stunned Danvers and Fury that Pegasus was far more than a storage facility and was once the center of "S.H.I.E.L.D.'s universe".[6]

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