During the War of the Worlds, Quasar found out that Kismet was pregnant with their child. To protect them, he transported them to Vesper, an intergalactic sisters of mercy that accommodate all females of any species, so that she can safely give birth there. Thereafter, he tried to go back to Earth via Quantum Jump. But in his fatigued state, he inadvertently arrived near the creature Abrogate. Thinking Quasar's appearance as an attack, Abrogate attacked and killed Quasar. [1][2]

It was later discovered that, as a former Protector of the Universe, Quasar is now in a place called The White Room together with all former creatures appointed as Protector of the Universe. A sort of Valhalla for all the fallen protectors. It was in this place that Starhawk discovered his genealogy.

In The White Room, it seems that Eon is also there. Starhawk was able to return to the real world after being in the White Room, so it is possible that Quasar can come back from the dead.




probably similar to Wendell Vaughn (Earth-616)

Strength level

Normal human


Needs mental concentration to control his Quantum Bands constructs.


Quantum Bands

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