The past history of Wendell Vaughn of Earth-9997 presumably mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. In recent history on Earth-9997, Wendell would join Richard Rider, Carol Danvers, and Peter Quill in becoming part of the Realm Marvel. The Realm were all supporters of Mar-Vell's bid to destroy Death in the Realm of the Dead and create a new Paradise for the dead.
As they were still living, they traveled into the Negative Zone and put themselves into a coma-like state. Their souls would then travel to the Realm of the Dead (in as yet undefined form of astral projection.) There Wendell acted as a member of Mar-Vell's army. They would assist Mar-Vell in convincing the dead souls of heroes to join Mar-Vell's army.
During their final battle against Death, Wendell and the rest of the Realm were attacked by Mephisto. The lord of lies used his powers to hang the members of the Realm with their own cloaks, seemingly slaying them. However, when an entourage of heroes traveled into the Negative Zone to confirm accounts that Mar-Vell's Paradise was expanding into the Zone, the members of the Realm Marvel were seen alive and well there.
What Wendell and the others were doing since Mar-Vell won against Death, and their subsequent activities after Reed Richards traveled into Paradise remain unrecorded.


Prior to his membership in the Realm Marvel, Wendell presumably had the same abilities as his Earth-616 counterpart. It is unknown if Wendell ever was exposed to the Terrigen Mists that are in the Earth's atmosphere in this reality and was subsequently mutated. He was able to send his soul into the Realm of the Dead without forfeiting his soul. This was at least partially facilitated by being within the Negative Zone, however how Wendell was able to accomplish this feat yet to be revealed. The exact extent of his powers in the Realm of the Dead are unknown, he could at least levitate.

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