Quote1.png And I'm not a monster. Just a man who does what it takes to survive. You want my name, Rider? I'll tell you, but it's the last thing you'll ever hear. WEN-DI-GO! Quote2.png
-- Wendigo (1,000,000 BC) src


The early life of this particular Wendigo is unknown. What is known is that he somehow was cursed as a Wendigo, causing him to wipe out his entire tribe. During his travels, he came upon a pack of primitive people. He became its leader through violent means. He befriended a young boy of the pack who was more intelligent than his brethren. After talking with the boy about his view of the world, Wendigo transformed and wiped out the boy's pack. The boy tried to avenge his pack, but he was dwarfed by the Wendigo. Before leaving, the man gave the boy the name "Ghost" and challenged the boy to find him.

Five years later, Ghost grew into a man and had become a Spirit of Vengeance. He tracked down the Wendigo while astride a woolly mammoth and fought the Wendigo. Ghost was horrified by the large piles of bones that were once the Wendigo's victims. He swore that the Wendigo would burn in damnation for eternity. However, the fight ended when the Wendigo pushed Ghost's mammoth off a cliff with him. The Wendigo claimed that the Rider would survive the fall, but wondered if Ghost could survive the loneliness now that his mammoth friend was gone.[1] What became of the Wendigo after that is unknown.


Seemingly those of a typical Wendigo including:

  • Superhuman Strength[1]
  • Superhuman Durability[1]
  • Superhuman Agility[1]
  • Superhuman Stamina[1]
  • Regenerative Healing Factor[1]
  • Immortality[1]
  • Fangs and claws[1]
  • Superhumanly Acute Senses[1]
  • Transformation: unlike other people affected by the Wendigo curse, this Wendigo is able to go back and forth from his human and Wendigo forms at will.[1]


  • Insatiable hunger: Wendigo is cursed with an unending need for human flesh.[1]
  • Weak Spots: Like all Wendigo, this Wendigo's presumable weak points are his heart and head. If either are destroyed, then he would die.


Wendigo is seen wielding a knife. He also uses his claws and teeth as weapons.

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