Sports columnist for the Daily Bugle. She once went to a San Francisco Skyhawks versus the New York Mammoths Football game with Peter Parker, because her regular photographer was sick.

There she met with one of Parker's freshmen chemistry students Tony Nesters. Tony's brother Ray was a football star playing for the New York Mammoths, and after the game Wendy went to the Locker room to get some post game interviews. She arranged to get an exclusive interview with his brother Ray, taking along Parker to shoot background pictures.

However when they arrived at Ray Nester's apartment he went the other way, because his brother had been kidnapped. Ray turned himself in to the police and revealed his ties to organised gambling syndicates. Wendy was unfortunately unable to get that interview with Ray. She instead found out the reaction to Ray using a confession from Mammoth's Coach James Albertson.

Her article was placed on page three of the Bugle but she was disappointed that someone with so much potential could flush away their future.[1]

Not long after the police hauled the Hobgoblin's Battle Wagon out of the Hudson, she overheard the police band radio say that it was stolen. She called Peter Parker over to ask who would use it after it had been in the river for several weeks, but he disappeared to become Spider-Man.[2]

She was later seen at a Daily Bugle party for Peter and Mary Jane on the eve of their wedding.

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