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Quote1 The She! They have the She... the one who was kind to me! I must find her... free her... the She must not be chained! Quote2
Werewolf (Jack Russell)

Appearing in "The Sinister Secret of Sarnak!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Committee (First appearance)
    •  Sidney Sarnak (Main story and flashback)
    • Army of Fear
    • Mr. Carruthers (Only in flashback) (First appearance) (Committee Financier)
    • Smith (Only in flashback) (First appearance) (Committee Financier)
    • John Sammartinez (First appearance) (Unnamed) (Committee Muscle)
    • Bruno (First appearance) (Committee Muscle)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:



  • Sarnak's Control Whistle
  • Model M-17 Sonic Screen (First appearance)

Synopsis for "The Sinister Secret of Sarnak!"

As Sarnak gloats from above the pit, the Werewolf struggles to break free. Even though he succeeds in loosening the chains from the stone walls, he cannot scale the side of the pit to freedom. While Lissa pleads for help, Sarnak explains why the Committee hired him to kidnap the Russells. It is their intent to stimulate the economy by sewing seeds of paranoia and discord throughout the city by way of Jack's werewolf powers.

Elsewhere, detective Lou Hackett and his partner, Vince, discover Phillip Russell’s drivers license inside of the car Jack had been driving. They make their way towards the Russell estate, but unfortunately, members of the Committee have arrived ahead of them. The Committee wants Phillip to pay his debt to them, and so they knock him unconscious and drag him away from the house moments before Hackett and Vince arrive on the scene.

Later, the Werewolf changes back into Jack Russell and he is able to climb out of Sarnak's pit. Without the power of the werewolf's strength however, he cannot free Lissa from her bonds. Jack leaves the dungeon, and makes his way to Buck's place. He asks Buck if he knows anyone who specializes in sound technology, and Buck arranges for a meeting with a friend named Jim Kerry. Kerry agrees to provide Jack with something to help him out.

Meanwhile, Sarnak uses his control whistle to assemble a crowd of mutated freaks, which he calls the Legion of Fear. The Legion rampages through the streets of L.A., attacking innocent civilians and overturning cars. Police officers arrive on the scene, but they are woefully outnumbered.

As the evening presses on, Jack arrives in the guise of the werewolf. Attached to his arm is a remote sonic screen – a device given to him by Jim Kerry. The screen blocks out all of the effects of Sarnak’s control whistle. No longer forced to obey his commands, the Legion of Fear turns on Sarnak and attack him. The werewolf takes the opportunity to free Lissa, and Sarnak flees into the sewers.


  • This issue introduces the villainous organization known as the Committee. The Committee will become adversaries of not only Jack Russell, but the hero known as Moon Knight as well.


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