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Quote1.png Scream all you wish, beast -- but it will do you no good -- for justice is -- the Hangman's noose!! Quote2.png
The Hangman

Appearing in "Comes the Hangman"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Clary Winter (First appearance)
  • Harry (Only appearance)[1]
  • Pete (Only appearance)[1]
  • Sam Next Appearance of Sam (First appearance)
  • Tina "Sandy" Sands (First appearance)
  • LAPD
  • Duke (Only in flashback)

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Comes the Hangman"

Members of the Committee hook Phillip Russell up to a machine known as a Negative Impulse Charger. Under the supervision of Professor Makko, they demand that Phillip gives up his son, Jack.

In Venice Beach, Jack decides that it is time to move out of Buck Cowan's bungalow. He moves into an alleged "singles" apartment complex known as Colden House. There he meets several of his fellow tenants including Sam, Tina Sands and Clary Winter.

Elsewhere, a masked vigilante calling himself the Hangman saves the life of a young woman from the aggressive behavior of a strung-out junkie. After driving the blade of his scythe into the man’s back, he brings the woman back to his secret lair. Although he claims that he is protecting her, in truth, he is actually keeping her in a dungeon.

That evening, Jack transforms into the Werewolf and gets into a scuffle with some beach partiers. Although they outnumber him five-to-one, the Werewolf easily disables them. Miraculously, none of the angry teens are killed.

Fleeing the scene, the Werewolf lumbers back towards the city. There, he comes upon Lissa and Buck Cowan. Despite his condition, the Werewolf recognizes Lissa as someone important and makes no sudden moves against her. Unfortunately, the Hangman is watching the spectacle from high above. Leaping down to the street below, he dives between Lissa and the Werewolf with the intent of saving her from the beast. The Werewolf and the Hangman exchange blows with one another, but ultimately, the villain manages to ensnare Jack with his noose.


  • This issue takes place on the second night of the full moon.
  • Earliest chronological appearance of the Hangman. Origin revealed in this issue.


  • The tagline for this issue is, "Full Moon - Fear Moon!"
  • The opening credits to this issue reads, "At last -- WEREWOLF -- written by a WOLFMAN" (referencing Marv Wolfman). Although this is Wolfman's first work under this title, he will later become the Editor in Chief of the series.

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