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Appearing in "His Name is Taboo"

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Supporting Characters:

  • Topaz Next Appearance of Topaz (First appearance)


  • Taboo Next Appearance of Taboo (First appearance)
  • Algon Next Appearance of Algon (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "His Name is Taboo"

Jack transforms into the Werewolf one night only to be knocked out by a spell and abducted by followers of the sorceror Taboo and his familiar, Topaz. Taboo claims his magic had manipulated the Committee and the Darkhold was stolen from him and wants it back to revive his son. When he learns that Russell's copy of the Darkhold was destroyed, Taboo gets angry and orders Topaz to kill the Werewolf, but she refuses. He instead has the Werewolf thrown into a holding cell along with Jack's also-kidnapped step-father. The Werewolf is expected to kill Philip, but deep down he remembers his mother's dying wish and instead focuses on escape. When Werewolf and Philip get free and find Taboo, Topaz's magic accidentally transfers Philip's mind into Algon's dormant body, causing the monstrous mummy to rise under Taboo's command.


  • Topaz becomes a regular supporting cast member of this series. She appears next in Tomb of Dracula #18.
  • Taboo's origin revealed in flashback. He appears again next issue.

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