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Quote1.png We'll be back father--but I have to visit that town--The Balkan Village where my father died. Quote2.png
Jack Russell

Appearing in "Lo, the Monster Strikes!"

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Synopsis for "Lo, the Monster Strikes!"

Topaz sides with Jack against Taboo, who responds by using the Skull of Daimon to take direct control of her soul and complete the spell to give Algon the power of transmutation. Algon fights the Werewolf, turning everything he touches to gold, accidentally causing the death of Taboo when a transmogrified statue becomes too heavy and collapses on top of him. The Werewolf defeats Algon by knocking him into the brazier with the Skull of Daimon, which also frees the souls of Topaz and his step-father.

The next day, Jack learns the true story of his mother's death from Philip, that not only is Philip his father's brother, but that it was the Committee that was responsible for his mother's accident over Philip attempting to stop their blackmail payments. After reconciling with his uncle/step-father, Jack leaves with Topaz for Transylvania, where his problems all began.

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