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Synopsis for "Death of a Monster!"

Story continued from Tomb of Dracula Vol 1 18....

Travelling to Transylvania to try and find clues to cure his werewolf curse, Jack Russell and Topaz have found themselves in the home of Count Dracula, and the vampire lord had kidnapped Topaz only to face the Werewolf in it's full feral fury. Struggling within Castle Dracula, the Werewolf is easily over-powered by Dracula who then prepares to feast upon the beast, when Topaz's uncontrollability to cause Dracula pain hits him again, allows the Werewolf to fight Dracula off. Being knocked off a balcony to the outside of the castle Dracula escapes to find a fresh victim elsewhere.

With Dracula occupied with feeding on a young woman, Topaz manages to lead the Werewolf out of Dracula's castle not wishing to be there when the vampire king returns. As they leave, Frank Drake and Rachel van Helsing arrive near the castle in a helicopter, searching for Dracula in the hopes they can destroy him once and for all. They spot Dracula in his bat form returning to his castle and give him chase. Dracula spots them and flies into their helicopter, attacking Frank. This causes their helicopter to spin out of control. Frank and Rachel get the chopper back under control and just barely manage to avoid a crash, however Dracula has escape them in the confusion.

The next day at Russoff manor, when Jack has awaken back in his human form he and Topaz decide to give the diary of Gregory Russoff some closer inspection. Topaz uses her magics to release the locking mechanism in the diary and they begin reading it's pages. He learns of a story about his ancestor Gregor Russoff, who's first wife was slain by Dracula in the 1700's. Wanting revenge, Russoff would go to Dracula's castle during the day and drive a stake through the vampire lords heart. Lining the coffin with garlic and tossing it into a river, Russoff would then return to Dracula's home and wreck the place. In his rampage, he would find a woman named Lydia locked up in one of the rooms. She would explain to him that she was made prisoner of Dracula and taken from her parents. Freeing the girl and taking her out that night, the full moon found Lydia transformed into a werewolf, who bit Gregor infecting him with the curse of the werewolf. Finishing the diary passage the two come to realize that Dracula likely confined the girl, and subsequently had to physically fight Jack in werewolf form because the vampire lord had no power over the werewolves.

Meanwhile, in Dracula's castle, Rachel and Frank continue their search for Dracula. Frank vocalizes once more he determination to destroy Dracula once and for all. As they talk, Dracula sneaks into the room in his mist form and attacks Rachel, and then Frank before fleeing as he has learned that Jack and Topaz have found old Russoff's diary and that the vampire lord seeks to obtain it himself. However, before he goes to retrieve it, he plans on sabotaging their helicopter.

While back at the Russoff manor, Jack prepares to change into the Werewolf once more with the coming full moon. He tells Topaz to guide the feral Werewolf during the coming battle with Dracula and the two set out to find the vampire lord. The Werewolf finds Dracula at the helicopter just before Dracula has a chance to wreck it and the two begin to fight.

During the fight Dracula sees that Topaz has the book he seeks and he throws the Werewolf aside so that he might collect the book from the girl. Taking it from her, Dracula is about to escape when an arrow fired from Rachel van Helsing's crossbow knocks it out of Dracula's hand. When Rachel grabs the book, Dracula attempts to retrieve it but finds himself once more attacked by the Werewolf. When Dracula finally fights off the beast again, he is too late to stop Frank and Rachel from returning to their helicopter and flying off into the sky. Furious at himself for not wrecking the helicopter when he had the chance, Dracula turns into bat form and flies after them, leaving Topaz and the Werewolf behind.


  • The origin of the werewolf curse is explained in greater detail in this issue. Gregory and Lydia Russoff appear in flashback.

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