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Quote1.png How often had I almost killed a man -- almost felt his life run out beneath my hands? Too often -- and this time, I almost succeeded... Quote2.png
Jack Russell

Appearing in ""The Hunter -- and the Hunted!""

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Louis (First and only known appearance; dies)
  • Mark Cephalos (First and only known appearance; dies)
  • Shark
  • Maxwell Grant (Only in flashback)

Other Characters:

  • LAPD
    • Frank
    • Samuels
  • Betty
  • Max

Races and Species:



Synopsis for ""The Hunter -- and the Hunted!""

The Werewolf prowls the streets of L.A. A police squad car takes note of him and begins pursuing him. He evades the police, but catches the attention of a mysterious red helicopter. The helicopter generates a net and ensnares the Werewolf's body, and Jack dives off the pier into the water. He tears through the net, but finds himself prey for a hungry shark. The Werewolf easily dispatches the shark and resurfaces.

The following morning, two surfers find Jack's unconscious body washed up on the beach. Jack returns to Buck's cottage, but refuses to tell him any information regarding the previous evening. Jack’s girlfriend Terri is present and together they attempt to translate the passages from his father's journal.

Unable to satisfactorily complete the task, they consult with a former University teacher named Father Ramón Jóquez. Jóquez takes particular interest in the entries.

Time passes and one evening Jack receives a visit by a man named Mark Cephalos. Cephalos knows that Jack is the Werewolf and confesses to piloting the helicopter that attempted to capture him the previous month.

Cephalos kidnaps Jack and takes him back to his hidden lair. He tells him that he is dying, and wants to steal the life-energy of Jack's werewolf form in order to save his life. He hooks Jack up to a machine and waits for the transformation to take place. Jack transforms, and breaks free of the device. However, enough energy has transferred to imbue Cephalos with incredible strength. The two begin fighting one another, but Cephalos manages to escape to his helicopter. The werewolf dives into the cabin and forces the chopper off course. He dives free, as the vehicle crashes into the Hollywood Hills.


  • This issue features the first letters column of the series. Letters include commentary on Marvel Spotlight #4 (the Werewolf's last appearance prior to receiving his own title).
  • This story takes place over the course of one month. It begins on the third night of the full moon, and extends until the first night of the full moon the following month.
  • Philip Russell, Laura Russell, Gregory Russoff and Maxwell Grant the chauffeur appear in a flashback to events first chronicled in Marvel Spotlight #2.
  • Maxwell Grant is mistakenly referred to as Garth during the flashback sequence, most likely a confusion with the henchman named Garth in Marvel Spotlight #4.


  • The tagline for this issue is "Like a Wild Beast at Bay!"

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