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Synopsis for "Eye of the Wolf"

Jack and Ray have mutually assured each other that they won't kill the other to cure their lycanthropy, though Jack points out that he can't control his wolf form like Ray can. While they're talking in the park, they're not aware they're being watched by another werewolf, one transformed outside the full moon with the help of a certain ring.

Later, while Jack and Clary are out at dinner, attorney Geraldo Kabal interrupts them to flirt with Clary, offering her a ring out of esteem for her acting. Jack feels compelled to snatch it for himself. During the conversation, Kabal reveals that he was at the studio to tend to the disposition of the trunk that Jack and Ray found the tome in and that Baron Thunder had tried to buy it from him. Figuring out the connection, Jack gets the Committee's address from Kabal and rushes off to rescue Lissa.

When he arrives at the house on Moonrise Hill, Jack discovers that the ring lets him transform into his wolf form outside the full moon and maintain his human mind. With this advantage, he's able to defeat Baron Thunder and rescue Lissa.



  • The tagline for this issue is, "The Monster Breaks Free!"

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