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  • Algon (Only in flashback)




Synopsis for "The Darkness from Glitternight"

On the night of Lissa's 18th birthday, she, Jack, Buck, and Topaz spend it mostly worried about the chance of her becoming a werewolf. On top of that, Glitternight attacks, demanding Topaz tell him where to find Taboo, not believing her that Taboo is already dead. He gives her a two week ultimatum before he attacks again, a deadline that comes on the heels of the first full moon since Lissa's birthday. On the morning before that full moon, Topaz has a dream of seeing Taboo alive in Russoff Manor. Going off that premonition, everyone heads to the Manor and finds Taboo, but not quite alive. "Taboo" explains that after he died, Glitternight harvested his soul and created a spectre from it similar to how he had done with Topaz later. Glitternight wanted Taboo's help in a scheme to do the same to every soul on Earth, but the soul of Taboo refused, earning Glitternight's emnity. Now he's hiding and preparing to fight against Glitternight and wants Topaz's help.

Glitternight chooses that moment to strike, just as the full moon appears, turning Jack into the Werewolf and beginning the change in Lissa. While Jack fights Glitternight, Topaz and Taboo focus their powers on suppressing Lissa's transformation. When Glitternight catches up to them, the corrupting effect of his magic makes it so Lissa's first transformation into a werewolf is even more monstrous and dangerous.


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