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Synopsis for "Red Slash Across Midnight"

Topaz suggests that because Glitternight was responsible for the demonic form that Lissa took, he may be able to reverse the process. Glitternight is their prisoner, but they're unable to force him to cooperate, and when they leave him alone, he uses his magic to escape his bounds and leave an illusory double in his place. By the time they find out, it's already the next moon and Glitternight is transforming Lissa again and stealing her soul, fashioning it into a leash to enslave her. As Glitternight forces the Lissa Weredemon to fight the Werewolf, Taboo decides to sacrifice his own soul to fill the gap in Lissa, curing her Lycanthropy and leaving Glitternight at the Werewolf's mercy. Glitternight attempts to fly away, but the Werewolf hangs on and manages to slash at Glitternight's weak point, the vessel in his chest that held his corrupt soul, causing the sorceror to explode into nothingness.


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