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Appearing in "Carnival of Fear!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Calliope's Carnival & Circus
    • Swami Rihva 🢒 (First appearance)
    • Mige (Lion Tamer) (First appearance)
    • Mr. Calliope (Carnival Barker & Owner) (First appearance)
    • Lotta (Fat Lady) (First appearance)
    • Slim Tim Thin (First appearance)
    • Elmo (Strong Man) (First appearance)
    • Human Pretzel (Contortionist) (First appearance)
    • Executioner 🢒 (First appearance)
    • Mige's Lions
      • Sheba (Unnamed) (First appearance)
      • Other Lions (Unnamed)
    • Other Troupe Members (Unnamed)
  • Truckers
    • Charlie
    • Mac
    • Howie
    • Arch
    • Other Truckers (Unnamed)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:



  • Bloodstone (First appearance)

Synopsis for "Carnival of Fear!"

Jack, Lissa, and Buck visit a carnival outside Los Angeles where a sinister Swami has foreseen the Werewolf's arrival and thus manages to entrance and capture Jack for the sideshow. Thinking Jack has abandoned them, Buck and Lissa head home. Once the moon is out, the animal tamer has difficulty controlling the new Werewolf attraction.

Meanwhile, the local authorities have discovered Joshua Kane's notes from the site of his and his brother's murders and are now aware of a Werewolf stalking the area.

Solicit Synopsis

According to Travis Starnes' website, It should come as no surprise that the Werewolf would be hunted, but on this night the local thugs are the least of his concern as a mystic force watches and plots. Meanwhile, the presence of the Werewolf could not go unnoticed for long and the local authorities have begun to catch wind. - See more at:


  • The Executioner seen in this issue is not to be confused with Skurge - a recurring adversary of the Mighty Thor.

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