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Quote1.png Kaman-Ru had no heirs, but instead left as his legacy a map carved upon this bloodstone... A map that can only be discerned when the stone has been immersed in the blood of a supernatural being! Quote2.png
Swami Rihva

Appearing in "Ritual of Blood!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Calliope's Carnival & Circus
    • Mige's Lions
      • Sheba
      • Other Lions (Unnamed)
    • Mige (Lion Tamer) (Death)
    • Elmo (Strong Man) (Main story and flashback) (Death)
    • Executioner 🢒
    • Lotta (Fat Lady)
    • Swami Rihva 🢒 (Main story and flashback) (Death)
    • Mr. Calliope (Carnival Barker & Owner) (Main story and flashback)
    • Human Pretzel (Contortionist)
    • Slim Tim Thin
    • Other Troupe Members (Unnamed)

Other Characters:

  • Himalayan Temple Priests (Only in flashback)
  • Kaman-Ru (Only in flashback)
  • Lord (Invoked)

Races and Species:



  • Bloodstone of Kaman-Ru (Main story and flashback)

Synopsis for "Ritual of Blood!"

Swami Rihva's mental powers pacify the Werewolf and the other beasts he was fighting enough to keep him in captivity through the night. When he wakes up, Jack learns from Elmo, the friendly strongman, that Rihva specifically wanted a creature of the supernatural for a ritual to activate a mystical bloodstone said to lead to its creator's hidden treasure. When Buck and Lissa return to the carnival to look for Jack, Rihva entrances them as well to deal with them. The next night, when Rihva begins the blood ritual with the Werewolf, Elmo stops him, not realizing until then that the ritual would involve killing Jack. In the fight that breaks out, the Werewolf breaks free. Rihva tries to hold Lissa hostage, but she snaps out of her trance when she sees her brother. Rihva then falls to the horrifying images he sees in the Werewolf's enraged mind.

Solicit Synopsis

According to Travis Starnes' website, Trapped in the circus by the devious Rhiva, the Werewolf finds himself face to face with the circus' other beasts. Before long the true nature of the mystic's plan will be revealed. - See more at:


  • The bloodstone artifact in this story is not related to the Bloodgem.

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