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Synopsis for "The Lurker Behind the Door"

After returning to human form, Jack considers that he has one more night of the full moon to get through before he can feel safe going back to his friends. He finds a cave, and decides to spend the night inside, but hears moaning coming from deep within. Jack follows the moaning to find a sealed door, and breaks it open to help whomever is inside, but the room appears empty.

Unfortunately, a demon called Krogg was trapped inside, and set loose by Jack's Meddling. Once the sun sets, and the Full Moon is bright in the sky, our hero transforms yet again. Krogg appears to the Werewolf, and attempts to steal his life energy to fuel himself, but this prey turns out to be too much for him.

After a drawn out battle through the forest, including the deaths of two hunters, the Werewolf lures Krogg back into the cave, and knocks him on his back so that his fire breath hits the cave roof, and causes a cave in. Having trapped Krogg back in the cave, the Werewolf lopes away into the brush.



  • The tagline for this issue is, "Krogg! The Lurker from Beyond!"
  • The title to this issue, "The Lurker Behind the Door", is reminiscent of the story titles commonly used by gothic horror writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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