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Synopsis for "Terror Beneath the Earth!"

The Werewolf is attacked one rainy night by a man in rags leaping from the sewers and ranting about his master, Sarnak. When he leaves, hearing the call of Sarnak, the Werewolf is hit with sudden pain in his head that makes him pass out. He comes to as Jack the next morning in jail, where Lieutenant Hackett is ready to question him about the recent incidents involving the Werewolf that he'd been tied to before releasing him to his step-father.

The next night, Tatterdemalion and other followers of Sarnak attack Jack in his home just before he transforms. When the call of Sarnak knocks the Werewolf out, the followers carry him back to their master, who it turns out is using a dog-whistle-like "control flute" given to him by the Committee to generate his call and intends to use it to enslave the Werewolf. Sarnak sends his followers and the Werewolf to the surface to wreak havoc. The Werewolf tries to resist when he sees Lissa is endangered, but the control flute stops him and Sarnak's followers kidnap Lissa.



  • A tatterdemalion is also a name used to describe a person dressed in dirty, shabby clothing.

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