Werjil is a dwarfish being that lives in a section of the possibly imaginary realm of Nowhere called Hades, fashioned after the various Hell Realms connected to Earth. Werjil was selected by this realm's version of Satan to lead young Jimmy Jupiter through Hades on his way to China (not the actual country as it would turn out, but another part of Nowhere itself). Werjil made sure that Jimmy didn't get into too much trouble, saving him from the disciplinarian named Matilda and trying to stop Jimmy from being tempted by Temptation. He eventually led Jimmy through Hades and on the right path to China.[1]

His subsequent fate is unknown.

The name is presumably a play on Virgil (or Vergil), whom Dante in "The Divine Comedy" described as "my guide, philosopher and friend" during his journey through the underworld.

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