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For a time, Werner could hide his wings under special garments that his mother had sewn him, but the Inquisition eventually learned that Werner was a Witchbreed and attempted to take him prisoner. When he fled, they captured his mother and said they would kill her if he did not come back. He did so, and they killed her anyway. On the day he was to be burned at the stake, he was rescued by Scotius Summerisle and Robert Trefusis and "John" Grey.[1] They took him to Master Carlos Javier's school for Witchbreed and he became a student.[2]

Here he met "John" Grey and struck up a friendship, which caused Scotius to take a disliking to him. The students were captured by King James's order,[3] then went to Latveria with Nicholas Fury to fight Count Doom. Werner went with them, continuing his friendship with Grey and continuing to aggravate Scotius.[4]

When Grey was dying from the stress of overusing her powers, Werner asked Scotius how "Master" Grey was doing and Scotius yelled at him to stop the pretense that Grey was a man. Werner was surprised and Scotius realized he had not known Jean was actually a woman. Embarrassed and ashamed, Werner refused an offer to participate in Grey's funeral pyre.[5]

Upon reaching Roanoke, Scotius apologized to Werner, who told him it was unnecessary as, even though he had thought Grey was a man, he thought he had been in love with him. Werner remained in Roanoke with the others when the world had been saved.[6]



Seemingly those of the Warren Worthington III of Earth-616.



He formerly used special garments to hide his wings

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