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Werner von Doom was the father of Doctor Doom. Werner and his wife Cynthia were both ethnically Romani. They were part of a Latverian group of Romani called the Zefiro where Werner worked as a healer. The Zefiro faced constant persecution at the hands of Latveria's Vladimir Fortunov (Earth-616). In an effort to punish them, Cynthia traded her soul for black magic. She killed several of the baron's men, but was stabbed after she realized the horror of her own actions. Cynthia died in Werner's arms, making him promise to keep their son, Victor, from walking the same path as her. Following the funeral, Werner hid Cynthia's mystical artifacts so Victor would not find them.[1]

When Victor was eleven, Werner was taken from his village by the Baron's men to heal the Baron's dying wife. This made young Victor afraid because he knew the Latverian royalty didn't care about them.[2] Victor's worries were justified, as The Baron threatened Werner with his life if he failed to save the baroness.[1]

Unable to heal the Baron's wife, Werner took Victor and fled into the Alps. Almost frozen to death, the two were found by Werner's old friend Boris who brought them back to the Romani camp where Werner died.[1].



Werner von Doom was experienced in medicine.

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