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By Ymir's frost-covered beard, art thou mad? I create a new secret identity as Sigurd Jarlson-- I entrust one Avenger with my address-- Thou com'st hither to ask my aid-- and then thou wouldst consume fried fowl ere returning to our allies! By my troth, Olympian! Every time I consider thee a full-fledged god, thou remindest me of thy half-human heritage!
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It has been a long night, Thor! I need strength to exact revenge!
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Thor Odinson (Earth-616) from Avengers 21 Infinity.jpg
I need strength to deal with thee!
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Appearing in "One of Our Own!"

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Synopsis for "One of Our Own!"

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Solicit Synopsis

The searing tale begun in THE AVENGERS ANNUAL #15 concludes here! The traitor stands revealed! But not even both the Avengers and West Coast Avengers are prepared for the scope of the former Avenger's treachery!


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