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The West Coast Avengers travel into the Death Dimension to rescue the Avengers only to discover that they must fight the very comrades they hoped to free! It's the action-packed beginning of a saga that concludes in THE AVENGERS ANNUAL Vol 1 16! Guest-starring: the Grandmaster!


  • "Deaths" of all the Avengers appearing in the issue, minus La Espirita.
  • The results of each 1v1 battle are as follows:
  • Iron Man Defeats Captain Marvel
  • Captain America seemingly defeats Mockingbird
  • Hank Pym Defeats Wasp
  • Thor defeats Wonder Man
  • Dr Druid defeats Tigra
  • Moon Knight defeats Black Knight
  • Hawkeye defeats She Hulk
  • Thanks to the Thing's idea, the Silver Surfer was finally able to escape Galactus' barrier around Earth. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer returned to Zenn-La and to Shalla-Bal after years of banishment on Earth. [2]
  • The Silver Surfer will find out later on that Mantis subconsciously encouraged him to come to Earth and help the Avengers against the Grandmaster. [3]


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