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Synopsis for "Teammates!"

Dr. Hank Pym visits the new compound of the West Coast Avengers. Hawkeye wants him to join the team and fill the open sixth-slot, but Hank merely wants to examine Goliath, a recent prisoner being held at the compound.

Outside, Wonder Man, Tigra and Iron Man find themselves as prey for a squad of flying robots. They easily take the robots apart but have no idea why they were attacked. The three reconvene inside with Hawkeye and Mockingbird. They trace the surviving robots' homing signal to San Pedro and hop in the Quinjet to go take them down.

Investigating a docked ship, the Avengers find that the foe responsible for the attack is Ultron-12. Hawkeye has the most experience fighting Ultron and coordinates his team to evade Ultron’s deadly gas and energy attacks. But Ultron has merely baited the Avengers into a trap. His true quarry is back at the Avengers compound.

The Avengers escape from Ultron's steel-maze traps and rush back to HQ. They arrive before Ultron does. They think that Ultron is after Hank Pym, but the robot is not yet aware that Pym is even present. Ultron has an ally in his cause, the Man-Ape. The Man-Ape breaks into the compound to free Goliath. He tangles with Tigra while Ultron invades the top level of the compound. Goliath is freed and the three villains dog-pile on top of the Avengers. Goliath smashes Wonder Man, knocking him out. Apparently, Ultron has another confederate who has expressed an interest in Wonder Man. The three villains fly off with the unconscious Hank Pym and Wonder Man.

Hawkeye quickly figures out who the mastermind behind this attack is – Wonder Man's brother, the Grim Reaper!



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