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  • Hell's Belle

Synopsis for "The Dive"

The story begins with Tigra diving off the Golden Gate Bridge into the water below, where Hank Pym, Hellcat, and Daimon Helstrom are on a boat nearby. They admire Tigra's grace and comment how most would not have likely survived such a fall. Tigra feels ecstatic because she feels she has finally overcome her cat like fear of water. The joyous comradery is cut short after they spy police speedboats chasing something in the water. Hellcat uses her grappling claws to fish out what they were chasing, revealing Tiger Shark as the police's target. Battle ensues. Tiger shark is defeated when Tigra and Hellcat scratch open his suit which contained water he needs in order to be in dry air.

As he is taken by police Tiger Shark makes a remark about how he, along with some other villains, destroyed Hank Pym. Hank defiantly replies that he only helped destroy Yellowjacket (Hank's old alter ego) and that the man inside is still alive and well. Daimon asks Hank what he means and Hank begins to tell how his superhero career ended: How he became cruel toward his wife, the Wasp, which led to his infamous backhand (which he doesn't feel the need to mention); How he recklessly put the other Avengers in harm's way, which led to him being court-martialed; How he built a robot only he could shut down that would attack during his court-martial so that he could seem to be invaluable to the team; How he was tricked into helping Egghead in his latest scheme and ended up in jail; And how he was kidnapped during his trial by Egghead's goons, and was invited into their new Masters of Evil. He pretended to go along with them until the Avengers arrived and took them down, though Egghead died in the process. From then on he decided to leave his heroic days behind him.

Feeling he had decisively explained how wrong Tiger Shark's statement was, Hank begins to tease him a bit by asking how his old Masters of Evil buddies are, naming Moonstone, Shocker, and Whirlwind. Upon hearing Whirlwind's name, Tiger Shark becomes agitated, saying Whirlwind was supposed to provide a distraction at the docks for his latest job but never showed up, leading Tiger Shark to his capture.

Later at Hellstrom's manor, the jovial mood returns. Hellcat jokes with Daimon a bit about rejoining the Avengers, to which Daimon responds with some out of place innuendos which comes accross as "let's bang instead" (I'm Paraphrasing). Sure enough, Daimon and Hellcat dash upstairs and tell Tigra and Hank o make them selves at home and that they will return "...later" (not paraphrasing).

Feeling put in the mood by the Hellstroms' display, Hank tries to put the moves on his thought to be girlfriend, Tigra, who rebuffs him saying that she no longer has her beastial urges that drove her to him in the first place and doesn't want to feel tied down. Basically she friend zones him, saying he's a real nice guy and maybe it will work out in the future. She leaves and Hank almost throws a tantrum.

Cut to WCA HQ, where more comradery takes place. Eventually Hank comes running in with a plan to catch whirlwind and everyone seems onboard, including Daimon and Hellcat.

Cut again to Whirlwind trying to steal the psycho circuit he was originally supposed to work with Tiger Shark to nab. His getaway is interrupted by Tigra and Hellcat. After a short scuffle Whirlwind jumps to a roof where he comes face to face with Hank Pym. Instead of running or fighting he shares his disapproval for Hank giving up his gimmick. Evidently Whirlwind took it personal, as he was mainly considered an Ant-Man/Giant-Man/Yellowjacket villain.

After Whirlwind is taken care of we return to Hellstrom manor, where Hank is found by Tigra staring out the window toward the Golden Gate Bridge. Tigra remarks how beautiful it is and how she can't imagine why so many choose to end their lives there. The issue ends with Hank responding with a look of anguish on his face: "You'd really have to be certain there was nothing left to live for..."

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