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Quote1.png It's time I stopped hanging onto a world I've written myself out of. It's time I killed myself... Quote2.png
Henry Pym

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Synopsis for "Outta Time!"

The Avengers fly out to Albuquerque to try to recruit Firebird as their sixth member. They leave Hank behind, not paying enough attention to how suicidally despondent he's been. When the team gets to Bonita's apartment, they learn that she's been missing for over a month. In the process of searching for more information around town, they're ambushed by a group of villains apparently working for one called Dominus. The flying heat-generating Sunstroke claims to be human, using powers of his own devising, but explains that his cohorts Butte, Gila, and Cactus are merely artificial humanoids created by Dominus. The Avengers gain the upper hand, but as they do, a mysterious force beam grabs the Desert Dwellers and whisks them away from the battle. Iron Man tracks them to a base hidden in a mountain in the Arizona desert and recognizes the uniform of the Desert Dwellers' boss inside as belonging to the alien Lucifer. Dominus explains that Lucifer was his predecessor and that he won't fail in his inherited mission to enslave the world. To get the Avengers out of the way, as soon as they enter his chamber Dominus activates the Time Platform they stepped onto, a damaged version of Doctor Doom's device he found in the desert that can only travel backwards in time. Dominus laughs maniacally, confident that he has trapped the Avengers in the distant past.

Meanwhile, Hank Pym spends the day settling accounts and preparing to kill himself. Just as he's holding the gun to his head, he's interrupted by the sudden appearance of Bonita, now bearing the identity of La Espirita, who brings him a message of hope from God.


  • Firebird first uses the La Espirita identity.

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