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Synopsis for "Lost in Space-Time, Part Two: Time Was..."

The Avengers arrive in the Arizona Desert of 1876 and realize their plight. The Time Platform has come back with them, but it's broken and can only travel backwards in time. Iron Man thinks he might be able to fix it with parts from another time machine, though as he's looking at it Wonder Man is trying to horn in to one-up him. The entire team is soon distracted by the sounds of a nearby battle involving Hawkeye's old allies, Two-Gun Kid, Rawhide Kid, and Phantom Rider. The Avengers join up with the Western heroes to take on an alliance of many of their villains, including Iron Mask, Hurricane, Rattler, Red Raven, Doctor Danger, the Fat Man, and the Living Totem. During the successful adventure, Phantom Rider takes a powerful liking to Mockingbird. Wonder Man takes the Time Platform to Two-Gun's blacksmith specialist, Boom-Boom Brown, but they're not able to make much progress on repairing it. Wonder Man then makes the suggestion to go even farther back in time, specifically to the ancient Egypt of Rama-Tut where they can get access to his own time machine. Hawkeye agrees to the risky proposition, though to test their control with a shorter jump, Simon first sets the dial back just 100 years. However just as the platform activates, Phantom Rider attacks, knocking out and absconding with Mockingbird before anyone can stop him. The remaining four Avengers are stuck heading back a century.

And in the present day, Espirita talks Hank down from his suicide attempt.


  • Hawkeye first met and teamed up with the Kids of the Old West after a disastrous attempt to use Doctor Doom's Time Machine in Avengers #137 to find Black Knight in the 12th Century landed him in 1873 instead, as shown in Avengers #142. For a brief time afterwards, Two-Gun Kid followed the Avengers to the present and operated a ranch with Hawkeye before returning to his own time in 1874. This story takes place two years later from Two-Gun's perspective.

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