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Quote1.png Mother, I am a part of your son! I am what he would be if he had been transformed to a synthezoid, instead of a -- Wonder Man! I am not he -- I will never be he -- but I love you, mother! Forgive me! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Sons!"

Hawkeye, Iron Man, and Tigra visit the Vision and Scarlet Witch, who are staying at a motel in Leonia, New Jersey while they look for a house. Hawkeye explains why he felt it was necessary to meet, recapping the events over the last couple of days. He explains that yesterday morning Hank Pym showed up at Avengers Compound to take a look at Goliath, the villain they recently fought and captured. Shortly after, they were attacked by Ultron. Along with Man-Ape, Ultron was able to free Goliath and capture Pym and Wonder Man. The Vision tells the group that he and the Scarlet Witch were attacked by an army of zombies commanded by the Black Talon and Nekra. They had tried to capture him but settled for Wanda. When the Vision went to rescue his wife, he found in their lair a special zombie in the form of Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man. The attack on them was orchestrated by Simon's brother, the Grim Reaper. With both stories now in the open, Hawkeye and the others are able to fit the pieces together that Ultron and the Grim Reaper are working together, but their goals are still unknown.

Elsewhere in New Jersey, the Grim Reaper has both Hank Pym and Wonder Man in a special holding cell designed to work against Simon's vast strength. The Grim Reaper displays his vast hatred for Wonder Man, calling him a freak and mutation and refusing to believe that the man has any relation to the Simon Williams he knew. He reveals his plans to them - that once he has both Wonder Man and the Vision captive, he will use Ultron's computers to extract what was left of Simon Williams from their minds, which then the Black Talon will transpose into the brain of the Simon zombie. Ultron threatens that once the Grim Reaper is through with the Vision, he will kill both his synthetic "son" and his "father" Hank. Ultron then leaves in search of the Vision.

The Avengers fly their Quinjet to Patterson, New Jersey, and to the abandoned Williams Manufacturing plant where Simon once worked before be became Wonder Man. Tigra had no idea that Simon was once an inventor and businessman, and Iron Man explains to her that at one time Simon was a strong competitor against Stark Industries, and that bad business practices and an embezzlement charge ruined him and his company. It was these events that led to Simon accepting the invitation from Baron Zemo to change him into Wonder Man so that he could exact his revenge on Stark by attacking Iron Man and the Avengers. But Simon switched sides, fighting with the Avengers against the Masters of Evil and sacrificing himself to protect the Avengers. Tigra refuses to believe that Simon could ever have been a criminal. The Avengers make their way into the town of Patterson and to the house where Simon and his brother Eric grew up. Iron Man explains that Stark used to pay their mother an annuity during the time that Simon was dead, and that his mother may have some clues as to their whereabouts. Mrs. Williams invites the Avengers in, explaining that she knows what is going on and why they have come to her. She tells them of Simon and Eric's childhood growing up together. They had a hard childhood, with a strict father, with Eric excelling in sports and Simon in academics. Simon eventually took over Williams Manufacturing from his father, but when Stark Industries overtook them he turned to Eric for help. Eric has associated himself with a Maggia crime family, and at first, tried to use rough tactics against the government and competitors, but was unable to make a difference so he stole from the company what he could and fled to Las Vegas and Simon took the blame. Hawkeye promises Mrs. Williams that they'll do everything they can for Simon and Eric, and she bursts into tears hoping that they can end the vendetta and give her back her sons. The Vision steps up, telling her that his mind was created using Simon's own brain patterns and that technically he is her son as well. She hugs him, thanking him for giving her the son she had thought was lost forever.

Back at the villains' lair, the Grim Reaper tells Nekra that he plans on killing both Wonder Man and the Vision for the insult on the memory of his true brother. Man-Ape enters, angering the Reaper enough to display his true bigotry against Man-Ape and blacks in general. When Nekra explains to him that she's black, he refuses to believe it due to her albino nature telling her that she's the purest white he's ever known. Man-Ape rushes back to find the Black Talon, telling his ally that he can no longer work for a man who hates black skins. The two are outraged for being treated like slaves to the Grim Reaper. Hank Pym and Simon, still captive in the holding cage, notice the dissension in the ranks hoping it might be the break they need to escape. Simon confides in Hank that he's afraid to die, even though he's been dead before, and that that fear has lingered with him ever since he was returned from the grave the first time. It was the reason he kept quitting the Avengers in the first place. Hank tells him it's time to take a stand, and that only Simon can beat this fear for himself.

The Avengers finally prepare to leave Patterson, and the Vision and Scarlet Witch say their goodbyes to Mrs. Williams, who is overjoyed to not only have her son back, but a new daughter-in-law as well. As the Quinjet takes off to follow the trail to Las Vegas, they are attacked in the air by Ultron-12 and his robot army, smashing their way into the cockpit...


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