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Synopsis for "What Is Scorpio?"

The Zodiac Cartel is holding a meeting trying to figure out what happened to the LMDs that recently cribbed their gimmick, when their Scorpio suddenly drops his over-the-top French accent to reveal that he's not Jacques LaPoint, but an LMD Jake Fury in diguise, and he's led the entire LMD Zodiac to their base to ambush and kill them. The original Zodiac is quickly slaughtered, but Taurus slips away. He swallows his pride and actually goes to the West Coast Avengers for help, though secretly planning to rebuild his own Zodiac once he gets the Avengers to dispatch the LMDs. He leverages his insight into the astrology-driven minds of the Zodiac to be instrumental in predicting the rival team's movements. Moon Knight's own astrological pinnings lead him to vouch for Van Lunt since the Moon's in Taurus, but he plans to keep a close eye on the villain. Soon, the Avengers intercept the Zodiac at a Breeder's Auction in Wichita. During the battle, Sagittarius is killed by a stray arrow from Hawkeye, leading the rest of the Zodiac to flee. Even though it was an LMD, Clint is shaken by the kill, a reaction that makes Mockingbird more anxious about her secret involvement in the death of Phantom Rider.

Later, at Zodiac's hideout, Scorpio ruminates on his relationship to the Zodiac Key. He recalls things that he had previously forgotten, that he was the original holder of the Key, and as such every time he died the Key re-animated him in an artificial body based on a SHIELD LMD, but each new Jake thought he was becoming Scorpio for the first time. Now, he uses the Key to create another new LMD, a new Sagittarius that's a dead ringer for Hawkeye.


  • Mockingbird attempts to get in touch with Nick Fury to discuss her dilemma, and her contact alludes to internal problems at SHIELD making things difficult for Fury. This is likely a reference to the then upcoming series Nick Fury vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.. The series had been in development for a couple years at this point and many premature allusions to Fury's adversarial relationship to the organization had been made in other comics in the long lead-up, leading to a vague and inconsistent status for Nick Fury in this period that can probably be explained away with LMDs somehow.
  • Scorpio's history is summarized near the end of this issue, referencing his appearances in Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #1, Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #5, and Defenders #46 - 50. As of the Defenders storyline, the Jake Fury there believed he was only the second Scorpio, having claimed the Key from the death of the first, and then killed himself at the end of the storyline. In this issue, it's established that this was the same Jake Fury being reborn multiple times without all his memories by the Zodiac Key.

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